Holsted Marketing, Inc.


Holsted Marketing, Inc., founded in New York City in 1971, is a marketing services firm that has developed managed direct mail programs for major clients including Sears, Newport News, Blair Corporation, Swiss Colony, Texaco, Sunoco, Amoco, Citgo, Metris, and others. Holsted’s distinction is its focus on selling a diversified array of merchandise programs, and additionally, offering these programs on a continuity basis. Each program is risk-free to the client and usually results in significant incremental revenues and profits. Holsted also supplies wholesale products to companies like Blair, Sears and Home Shopping Network. Through superior customer service and high quality merchandising, Holsted more than doubled its revenues in 2001.


Holsted was a perfect success story for our current edgy economy in which companies are seeking new streams of revenue without additional overhead. We capitalized on Holsted’s relationship with super-model Kim Alexis, spokesperson for their Nutri-Captiv luxury skin care line. We pitched the incremental revenue benefits of their customized limited continuity programs for clients and their “no questions asked” return policy that reinforces customer trust in the client’s brand. We focused on Holsted’s expansion into the Canadian market and their accelerated growth within specific industries, such as banking, airlines, and credit cards. We emphasized the unique sourcing of their high quality jewelry and collectibles as well as their new offering of gourmet coffees.