1. Perception rules.

Your core technology may have a killer app, your business model may be air-tight and your funding may be in place for the moment. But without proper PR strategy, tomorrow you may be dust. In today’s market, no good idea can afford to wait in line.

2. Want to run ahead of the curve? Fast forward is the only speed we know.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in PR have made us blind to obstacles. Every ounce of our experience gets mobilized to bring you results. From concept development to campaign implementation and media placement, the exposure we bring you expands brand recognition and enhances your position in the market. Unexpected benefit: Our process brings new clarity to your own self-definition and blows out the blocks to creativity, insight, and innovation.

3. Want the market to really understand you? We have sold the invisible and promoted the seemingly impossible.

We extract the core concepts that differentiate you from the competition. When we package these key messages, the media can perceive you accurately and convey what you have to offer with maximum impact. When your story hits the market it is a direct hit.

4. Use a method that works.

We don’t hire beginners to manage your account. Every account is managed by senior executives with lots of agency/corporate experience.

Our fees don’t subsidize fancy real estate. They support creativity, elbow grease and results.

We hit the ground running. We dig for the best contacts at the right outlets and pitch your story tenaciously until we succeed for you. If a door closes, we find the open window.

5. Deploy a heat-seeking missile.

You can’t imagine how relentless we are in hunting a story until it is placed. We are driven yet charming on your behalf. We are fanatics for your success. We are explosive on the keyboard and phone. Our radar is constantly scanning new opportunities (before others hear about them) to promote your message.

6. We do it so you don’t have to.

When we join your team, you can concentrate on your core business without worrying about promotion. We understand the dynamics of media relations and leverage our relationships, pitching power and follow-up to expedite the media exposure. You receive our best work at all times—not just at the end of the Quarter. We are perfectionists by nature.

Our mantra is “What more can we do? Is there a smarter, faster way to do it?” We monitor our performance every day, throughout the day to make sure we’re not missing any opportunity to promote you.

7. Size DOES matter.

Large PR firms can be tricky. You sign your contract with the company’s principals, but the work may be handed down to rookies. Your AE may spend hours producing reports instead of results. Hint: fat reports camouflage padded fees. Juggling too many clients ensures inconsistent follow-through and mediocre results. An hourly fee structure can be an invitation for busy work.

8. Relationships are key.

So is kinetic energy. Sometimes a single call to our established network of contacts provides the solution. Other times, we aggressively forge new relationships with media and analysts to meet the requirements of the day. We don’t believe that one strategy fits all needs. Strategy is always tailored to suit your unique and evolving needs. We never compromise your success by taking the easy way out. Getting you superior results is our single focus and goal.

9. What about PR in a tough economy?

When the going gets tough, the tough often blow it by putting their PR on ice until the market turns around. While it seems logical to cut the PR budget when the road gets bumpy, these are the very best of times for prudent PR expansion. While everyone else reactively pulls back, you can leap over the competition and dominate the market.

PR is not an add-on or an after-thought. It’s part of the strategic marketing engine that keeps you vital and in business, and gets you ahead during fat times or lean, through bull or bear markets.

10. Authors—DON’T BLINK!

Or you’ll miss the promotional campaign promised by your publisher. Read between the lines: Book companies today are only equipped to run the 50-yard dash. Your ideas deserve more. Hand us the baton and we’ll run you a marathon.

Conventional wisdom says that books have a tiny window of opportunity before they’re considered “last season.” But good ideas shouldn’t be timed by a stopwatch. Your time should not be cut short to accommodate the assembly line.

Include us in your plan and you won’t get the standard boilerplate media kit—thin on creativity and high on production speed. We take time to understand your ideas and optimize your exposure weeks before your pub date, and then hold the window open to give your ideas a fresh airing and longevity in the market.

We scour the news to find ways your messages stay relevant to what’s happening today, then pitch you as an expert with answers. The window stays open—and sometimes it never closes again.

Book publishers appreciate our creativity and respect our endurance. We help them sell lots of books.