In January 1999, DDC was retained by Infra-Com, Ltd. in Tel Aviv to popularize Red Beamer, the company’s groundbreaking omni-directional Infrared platform technology. They needed to establish themselves in the market place virtually overnight as a viable alternative to the prevailing RF-based wireless devices. In addition, IR technology had the reputation for being a platform that showed promise but never really made it—partly because of the impracticality of requiring line-of-site for functionality. Differentiating Infra-Com from RF and from standard IR meant that we had many stratetic bull’s eyes to hit with only a few weeks of lead time.

Strategy and Results:

Within a day of signing the contract, DDC arranged for the company to be included in the itinerary of DEMO’s executive director Chris Shipley, who was visiting Israel in a last-minute scouting mission before her February gala conference. Chris not only invited Infra-Com to unveil Red Beamer at DEMO, but subsequently wrote a strong letter of endorsement for their Ir-Gate technology. In one month, DDC placed stories for Infra-Com on CNN International, in The Wall Street Journal, ZDNN, PC Magazine, InfoWorld, PC World, Computerworld Canada, PC Week, Windows, Reuters, Popular Science, and Interactive

In January 2002, Infra-Com hired us again to introduce their new IRGT801A chipset version, which creates secure, wireless “roomnets.” The advantages over the popular Bluetooth technology were spelled out in a bylined article we placed in Wireless Systems Design Magazine for the company’s CEO. At the Wireless Systems Design Conference 2002 we introduced Infra-Com to potential OEM partners, technology reporters and the analyst
community. Along with many technical articles running in trade publications, a notable review (below) ran in the New York Times Circuits section: