This Kansas City start-up had a new creative approach for using email in B to B marketing—the edgy corporate answer to Blue Mountain Arts. Their creative director, a top Hallmark New Media grad, was as talented as they come. The company’s founder was accessible, articulate and aggressive. Their burn rate, typical for the year 2000, was off the charts. It was a battle against time to win 3Buddies national recognition and pull in more revenues.


We focused on business editors locally and the top advertising and branding trades nationally to pitch stories on TheFirstDay.com and TheMovingDay.com, 3Buddies’ premier life-cycle products.
We also pitched their totally outrageous e-Biznotes.com, like the show-stopping interactive card “Voodoo Boss.” We collaborated with their clients and joint venture partners, including Sesame Workshop Online, American Century Ventures, Bernstein Rein (creators of MacDonald’s “Happy Meal”), United Way of Kansas City, Blockbuster, and Shockwave. In the first year, the combined effort paid off BIG TIME!

3Buddies.com stood shoulder to shoulder with agency giants like Ogilvy Interactive, Sapient and Razorfish when they were chosen by Ad Week Magazine as “Best Interactive Boutique 2000.” We got them there through repeated strategic story placements. The outcome of this prized national recognition was that 3Buddies won Ralston Purina as an anchor client.