Fatigue and Fibro Patients: Help Your Doctor Help You

Dr T.11.8.05

Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia (FMS) year after year is agony. Ask the 12+ million Americans suffering with these disabling conditions and they’ll tell you that what makes it worse is when their physician doesn’t know about effective treatment.

“Help your doctor help you,” is the message from Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, who has specialized in effective treatment of CFS and FMS for the past 35 years. His revolutionary and research-proven SHINE protocol is now being made available to health practitioners from all specialties through the Fatigue & Fibromyalgia Practitioners’ Network (FFPN).

“Tell your doctor to sign up and get trained to treat these conditions properly. It’s time that health practitioners learn how to apply the available research so people can get their lives back!”

FFPN was launched by Dr. Teitelbaum on October 1 as a 9-module online course to train practitioners to effectively diagnose and treat CFS/FMS. After completing the training program, they are included in the FFPN referral database, a web-based global service used by people with CFS/FMS to find trained practitioners. Practitioners will also be able to participate in the “FFPN Members-Only Forum” where course graduates can ask questions, share information and research, and develop relationships for cross-referrals.

The SHINE protocol is based on Dr. Teitelbaum’s groundbreaking, published, placebo- controlled research that showed an unprecedented 90 percent average improvement in quality of life among people with CFS or Fibromyalgia within two years and a 76 percent average improvement within three months, demonstrating that the 12+ million patients in the U.S. suffering from this disabling syndrome can get their lives back.

Health practitioners of any discipline may join FFPN, including MDs, DOs, NDs, NPs, PAs, DCs, RNs, body work professionals, NAET therapists, LAcs, nutritionists, and health coaches.

To enroll, practitioners should visit http://vitality101.learnupon.com/store and sign up for the course titled “FFPN Foundation Training for CFS & Fibromyalgia.” For more information, see www.vitality101.com/ffpn.